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03 June 2010 @ 04:59 pm
Call. 121 Spoilers  
Here we go.

Translation by Ensabahnur@Mangahelpers

Chapter 121: God Sword (I wonder if this has furigana)

Star Commander Junas
Descends into Root!!!

Junas: Fucking Delboro... It's taking him this long to deal with these guys...
Ageha: (This guy...!!!)

Ageha takes out Melchsee's... Junas instantly appears in front of him...
Junas: Are you the black burst user?

Junas attacks Ageha... Ageha defends with the Disks but he still gets thrown into a wall...
Junas: I've come to capture you.
Weird Tavoo: Kyahahaha!
Shao: A new kind of Tavoo?!

From the hole that Junas made...
Shao: !
Weird Tavoo: *hyuu SFX: swift movement
Shao: Shit! It's headed inside!

Junas attacks Shao but he dodges...
Shao: Nuu
Junas: Hoo!

Ageha returns to the fight with Vortex...
Ageha: Shao!
Junas: Interesting! You're planning on fighting me. This should be good!

Blades come out of each of Junas' hands... Vortex is defeated...
Junas: Have a taste of despair!

Kise's body is shown... His right hand twitches...

Kyle and Delboro... Both seems unhurt...
Delboro: It is better if you surrender.
Kyle: Haa?!
Delboro: Junas-sama has come down. Do you know what it means? Your chances of winning just became zero.

The lower-half of that Weird Tavoo's body swells and becomes huge...
Resident: Kyaaa!
Ian: Fubuki!!!

The residents are running away... Ian and Fubuki in an embrace...
Fubuki: Ian!!!
Ian: Fubuki!!!
Haruhiko: Run, Ian!!!
Lan: They got sucked...

In the lower-half of that Weird Tavoo's body, the residents that got sucked become similar to disembodied souls...
Haruhiko: !!!

And then that Weird Tavoo disappears...
Haruhiko: This is bad!! (They got caught!)

Shao is leaning on the wall... On the wall are huge blood smears... Shao crumbles...
Shao: I see... Although I was able to read his mind, it was useless. My body couldn't follow his movements.

Junas: My power is limitless. That's the cause of your defeat.

Vortex was broken... Ageha is stabbed by Junas in the stomach..
Junas: Did you really think that my God Sword will be defeated by weak defense such as yours?

The sword elongates until Ageha hits a wall...
Junas: How disappointing.

Asuka arrives... He lands on top of the sword... he is wearing glasses..
Asuka: Shall I entertain you then?

Asuka holds his own against Junas...
Asuka: How uncivilized of you. Don't you have your own family?

Asuka still looks young...
Asuka: People become strong because they have something to protect. The possibilities are endless.

From rage to tranquility!!!
Ageha's father, Asuka, pays an unexpected visit!!

TL;DR Anything that can go wrong for ROOT does.

Dorothy: Lightningdorothy_chan on June 3rd, 2010 09:00 am (UTC)
OMG I can't wait for the chapter!!! Thanks for sharing! :)
Ljiljanacupricanka on June 3rd, 2010 02:12 pm (UTC)
Very exciting chapter. Thanks.